Modern Chemistry




NEW BRUNSWICK — Bands like The Bouncing Souls, The Gaslight Anthemand Midtown may have moved on from New Brunswick’s “underground” music scene long ago, but it seems they’ve left the reins corralling the city’s legendary basement shows in able hands.

Modern Chemistry, a forceful alt-rock band comprised mainly of Rutgers grads ranks among the top local acts circuiting Central Jersey’s most notable bastion of heavy guitars and kick drums.

“We grew up always hearing about these sick basement shows and I was always dying to get to one, but never knew how to until we started playing them,” singer Joe Zorzi says.

“That was the goal, to get into these shows and they just got bigger and better, and they were as cool as I wanted them to be. Then we started playing the Court Tavern … and it really helped us become part of the scene and we learned a lot.”

The foursome has ventured beyond Middlesex County bars since their 2012 formation, playing across the state and as far away as Maryland, where they opened for emo favorites Taking Back Sunday and Philadelphia punkers The Menzingers earlier this year.